The Business Institute

The Business Institute is a business and management skills catalyst.

We design and deliver training solutions.

We apply world-class business methodologies, tools and simulations of leading educational institutions like Stanford University,Cornell UniversityHarvard UniversityINSEADStratX SimulationsBusiness Model FoundryThomas International, etc., covering the whole range of business management areas

The training and educational approach we apply focuses on action-oriented learning and real-world application to drive changes in knowledge, behaviour and action. This approach challenges the participants to analyse complex information and make decisions to solve holistic business cases.

Our Approach


  • Entirely practical and interactive – based on the client’s business reality, delivering applicable solutions focused on performance impact;
  • Applying modern business analysis tools that could be implemented immediately on the workplace;
  • Catalyzing and developing management skills through experience – workshops, business games and simulations;
  • Management consulting element that assists the client in assessing various decision making options and find an applicable solution for their business case;
  • Holistic approach – each solution, each client’s business case is assessed in 360° perspective.


Business Workshops and Simulations

Studies have shown that lessons learned by effective managers are usually driven by the following 70:20:10 model:

  • 70% from on-the-job experiences
  • 20% from constructive peer interaction
  • 10% from training courses and reading

While most management development courses only contribute to the bottom 10%, our highly interactive programs focus on providing realistic competitive environments where participants learn through experience (the 70%) working in cross-functional and cross-market teams (the 20%).

The Business Institute believes that stimulating managers to think and act strategically off the battlefield is the best way to boost performance on it. Mirroring real-world decision-making experiences in a competitive environment help to create emotionally-charged environment leading to real experiential learning.

The applied Harvard Business Publishing business simulations challenge the participants to analyse available information and make critical decisions to solve various financial cases and challenges.

Master Classes

The Business Institute’s Master Class series are hands-on, case-based advanced training courses designed to challenge practitioners to master core concepts by applying them to real-world business cases. The master classes are presented and discussed by proven practitioners and experts in their professional field.

The applied Harvard Business Publishing business simulations and core readings challenge the participants to analyse available information and make critical decisions to solve various operations cases and challenges. They are playing a role, not just reading and analysing. They make decisions and see the results of their decisions in the response of other players and the outcome of the simulation. Through a comprehensive debrief sessions they will analyse and discuss the achieved results — assumptions, pros and cons of the applied decisions, and most importantly — the real business life implications.

In the master class series you can find:

  • Corporate Finance Master Class
  • Marketing Management Master Class
  • Operations and Service Management Master Class
  • Management Skills for Software Engineers


Educational Programmes

The Business Institute provides a number of formal and informal educational programmes – as a stand alone products or in partnership with local and international universities. In all products, the fundamental approach of practical, experiential learning is embedded by incorporating business simulations (Harvard Business Publishing, StratX Simulations), core readings, practical workshops. This approach challenges the participants to analyse complex information and make decisions to solve holistic business cases.

In the educational programmes series you can find:

  • Alternative MBA
  • Master in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Finance (partnership with VUZF University)
  • General Management Programme (partnership with IEDC Bled School of Management)
  • Master in Software Engineering (partnership with Unibit University)

Customized Training Solutions

Main Areas:

  • Managing the business (Market environment, Business model, Strategy, Marketing approach, Translating strategy into action);
  • Managing (reorganizing) a functional area (Business development, New product development, Innovation, Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR);
  • Managing the team (Team profiling and design, Effective management communication, Leadership, Management skills, People management, Coaching);
  • Managing the organizational change (Competency model, Assessment center, Development center, Performance management systems);
  • Managing yourself (Personal effectiveness, Professional stress, Presentation and communication skills);

Managing the corporate performance (Cascading the corporate goals and designing KPIs systems, Planning and budgeting, Finance for non-finance managers, Business case analysis and evaluation).