Marketing Management Master Class


The Master Class series are hands-on, case-based advanced training courses designed to challenge practitioners to master core concepts by applying them to real-world business cases. Presented and discussed by proven practitioners and experts in their professional field.

Built on The Business Institute’s “real experiential learning” principle, this master class includes a well structured, yet comprehensive content, critical to marketers.

Participants will examine and integrate core marketing concepts to create a cohesive marketing strategy. MMMC Programme includes 4 thematic modules, based on business simulations. Check more information for the modules in the Programme.
The applied Harvard Business Publishing and StratX (INSEAD) business simulations challenge the MMMC participants to analyse available information and make critical decisions to solve various marketing cases and challenges. The purpose of any simulation is to let the participants experiment without risk.

Who should enroll:

  • Marketing managers/ professionals who aim to advance their expertise and practice in the field of applied marketing management through hands-on and interactive learning experience, but also marketers who are practicing the marketing role but are lacking marketing education;
  • Decision makers in other functions – such as sales, finance, product management, product development, or general management – who want to work more effectively with their company’s marketing team and seek to better understand marketing topics and strategy;
  • Entrepreneurs and company owners who engage in product and/or business development for their growing business.

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Our participants share experience.

Both topical and practical, this master class helps participants structure a practical approach from strategic planning to the tactical execution of their marketing plans. By addressing a wide variety of topics - segmentation and targeting; competitive dynamics; building and executing brand strategies; managing the marketing mix; pricing, and building customer loyalty - the master class provides framework and examples, applicable to both B2C and B2B marketing specifics in a strategic fashion.

These business simulations are more than games - they are self-contained learning experience that recreates real workplace or operational environments, and give you the opportunity to test new skills and knowledge – and make mistakes – in a gamefied, safe environment.

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Marketing Management Master Class provides:

Experiential learning based on Harvard Business Publishing and StratX (INSEAD) online simulations, providing world class experience.

Interactive and engaging side-by-side learning with hands-on facilitators and experienced marketing professionals as guest speakers.

Strong links to the business reality and applicability in Bulgaria – practical discussions and Q&A sessions with experienced practitioners.

An integrated, holistic approach – understanding how strategic and marketing decisions influence company performance and market position, and vice versa.

Module: Managing The Brand Strategy

30th May and 2nd June

In this module, based on a business simulation, the participants' challenge is to reposition their two existing brands and to manage them over five years. Their objective is to create and execute effective brand strategy to maximize a KPI that represents the value of their company and that is mostly influenced by revenue growth, market share and profits. Strategic decisions based on deep analysis has to be done, such as: which customer segments to target and allocate resources accordingly; to evaluate the relative attractiveness of the segments and their competitive position in each segment; to influence brand value through product development, price and through communication - specifying perceptual objectives and allocating advertising budget. Participants are invited to use market research to understand consumer perceptions and needs. Thanks to comprehensive information presented in detailed brand reports and market studies, participants will have to identify useful information to understand internal and external levers for success. The competition will be fierce and teams will have to monitor competitive actions and anticipate their next moves.
This module is based on the Stratx’s online simulation “BrandPro”.


Module: Pricing and Competitor Analysis

6th and 9th June

In this module, based on a simulation, participants assume the role of a district manager responsible for setting prices for rental cars across three cities. Participants must analyze price sensitivity between client segments and consider strategies that maximize rentals across periods and locations. Participants can make periodic inventory adjustments among the locations to match anticipated demand.
The market for rental cars is intensely competitive and participants must also consider the likely competitive response to their pricing decisions. Ultimately, participants must analyze the economic, seasonal, and competitive forces of the rental car market and develop a pricing strategy to maximize the cumulative profit for the firm. Participants benefit from running the simulation multiple times with increasing complexity.

This module is based on the Harvard Business Publishing’s online simulation “Pricing: Universal Rental Car”.
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Module: Online Marketing

13th and 15th June

In today’s marketplace, organizations need effective, profitable online marketing strategies. New technologies are changing the way people engage with each other and with the organizations that interest them. Peer-to-peer recommendations are now more powerful than any advertising message we can craft.
In this module, participants will learn to match markets to online marketing strategies to profitably grow their business. They will use social media tools and platforms to design, manage, and optimize social campaigns to promote growth and position their brand in the online marketplace, and they will develop targeted content to spark dialogue with various social communities. In the case study context, participants will put the methodologies, tools, and insights they have learned to the test as they will create and evaluate a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Module: Business-to-Business Marketing

20th and 23rd June

In this module, based on a simulation, participants define and execute a business-to-business marketing strategy at a manufacturer for motors used in medical devices. Customers are divided into market segments based on their requirements for two key motor performance features and price. Participants must analyse each market segment and decide which new customers they want to acquire while also considering the loyal customers they must retain.
Participants allocate sales and marketing resources for each targeted segment including setting the level of spending on marketing communications and market research. Participants can listen to customer feedback through dynamic video interviews and gain important insights into the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Ultimately participants must achieve a sustainable revenue stream to maximize cumulative profit for the company.

This module is based on the Harvard Business Publishing’s online simulation “Marketing Simulation: Managing Segments and Customers”.
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tzvetelina teneva
Tzvetelina Teneva

Co-Founder and Senior Facilitator at The Business Institute. Experienced practitioner in strategy, business modeling, marketing management, incl. product management, value proposition design, marketing communication. Special expertise in B2B practices. Previously, Marketing Director and Marketing Communication Manager at Orbitel (acquired by Magyara Telekom/ Deutsche telekom Group, now part of Mtel portfolio), trainer to business practitioners in marketing management, PR Executive at the Government Information Service.

ralitza stanoeva
Ralitza Stanoeva

Facilitator at The Business Institute. Experienced practitioner in market strategies, marketing management, incl. product development, product management, market researches, value proposition design, marketing communication. Special expertise in consumer goods and services. Previously, MarCom manager at Mr. Bricolage, Marketing Manager at DataMax, Marketing Manager at Auto Italia, CEO at Design Board, Brand Manager and Trade Marketing Manager at Danone.

Ivelina Manova
Ivelina Manova

Associated Facilitator in The Business Institute. If we put Ivelina’s career in one word, it would be “digital”. Currently, Co-Founder and Senior Digital Performance Strategist at Accella Digital, she is a Google certified trainer and a highly experienced search-engine and online marketing professional. In her CV one can find also Co-Founder at Ad Academy, Google AdWords & Analytics specialist at Engage Lab, SEM Professional at Interactive Share, online Marketing Expert and Deltastock.

Krasi Eneva (1)
Krassi Eneva

Associated Facilitator in The Business Institute. Krassi is a digital native by professional experience. Currently Digital Account Manager at Proximity Sofia, also Teaching Assistant at The Sofia University, previously she was involved in a number of famous online marketing campaigns of Milka, Devin and Frutelli, Activia Romania, Jasobs 3in1, Schwarzkopf, Avon, Bochko, Lidl Bulgaria, Debenhams, dm, Jim Beam, etc. – all these covered as a Social Media Manager at, also Account Manager – Affiliate Affair at Performance Bay.

Juliana Borisova
Juliana Borisova

Guest-speaker in The Business Institute. Juliana’s marketing expertise has been coined in a series of prominent brands. Currently Marketing Director Devin JSC, she stared as a Key Account Manager at Procter&Gamble, then moved to marketing – Brand Manager at The Coca-Cola Company, Brand Manager and Marketing Manager at Mondelez, Marketing Manager at Orgachim. She holds a Bachelor and Executive MBA degrees from the American University in Bulgaria. Juliana is a guest-speaker at the Managing Marketing Mix Module..

Daniela Yordanova
Daniela Jordanova

Guest-speaker in The Business Institute. Daniela has a vast experience in marketing management of FMCG, especially food and beverages. Currently CCSD Beverages Manager at Nestle, she has been Marketing Manager at Pobeda, Marketing Project Coordinator at Coca-Cola HBC, Group Brand Manager at Nestle. She holds a Master Degree in Economics, Professional Certificate from Chartered Institute of Marketing, PhD in progress, related to Marketing Research. Daniela is a guest-speaker in Pricing and Competitor Analysis Module.

Polina Vlahova
Polina Vlahova

Guest-speaker in The Business Institute. Polina’s career path has been totally devoted to marketing strategies and implementation in FMCG area. Currently, Marketing Director at Pernod Ricard, previously she hold several positions at Procter&Gamble Bulgaria - Unit Manager, MS&P Strategy and Planning, Market Strategy&Planning, Manager Fem Care Balkans. Based on the recent developments of Pernod Ricard marketing communication strategies, Polina is a guest-speaker in the Online Marketing Module.

Anelia Grozdeva
Anelia Grozdeva

Guest-speaker in The Business Institute. Anelia is a business development professional with a vast experience. In her career path you can find Facilitator at The Business Institute, Business Development for Kevin Murphy at Ginger Sisters, Co-founder and Partner at PHIBA, Business Development Manager and Brand Manager at Unicoms, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Synovate, General Manager at Power w PR Agency and Consulting, Communications Manager and FICE Bulgaria (NGO) and PR Manager at Step by Step Foundation. Anelia is a guest-speaker in the Business-to-Business Marketing Module.

The program includes four modules of two sessions each. The training sessions are from 15:30 to 20:30 during the business days, two times per week and will be held in The Business Institute, Sofia, 23 A Joliot Curie Str.

The whole program duration is four weeks. Here are the following sessions:

25% scholarship

2 payments x 787.50 BGN

  • Total: 1575 BGN
  • until 25 May
  • 1 participant

Standard fee

2 payments x 1050 BGN

  • Total: 2100 BGN
  • before 30 May
  • 1 participant

The promotional prices are valid for early booking for participation in the program.

The Business Institute has the right to give a discount on the Marketing Management Masted Class fee in case there are participants from the same company.

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Apply for scholarship:
  • 25% - until 25 May 2016 - Learn more for the price here

We are looking for participants who besides taking full advantage of the training for their business and professional development will also be able to add value to their marketing experience and expertise in the group discussions. The aim is to find such participants who fully participate in solving business case studies and business simulations during the master class and who are team players as well.


Criteria for evaluation:
  1. Personal motivation for participation in the Marketing Management Master Class.
  2. Approach in answering the questions in the Application form.
  3. CV.