Digital Marketing for Managers

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In today’s marketplaces, organizations need effective, profitable integrated media strategies. New technologies are changing the way people engage with each other and with the organizations that interest them.

Peer-to-peer recommendations are now more powerful than any story we can craft. Social media are transforming the way this process is happening.

Marketing and business professionals need modern yet practical tools to support the involvement of their brands into this process and to engage the customers without being intrusive. In this experiential-learning workshop participants are gaining hands-on experience with digital-marketing tools and methods. The training is split into two parts - digital simulation case based and participants' case based.

Who should enroll

  • Company owners and entrepreneurs who engage in product and/or business development for their growing business.
  • Marketing professionals who aim to advance their expertise and practice in the field of applied marketing management through hands-on and interactive learning experience, but also marketers who are practicing the marketing role but are lacking marketing education;
  • Innovative decision makers in other functions – such as sales, finance, product management, product development, or general management – who want to work more effectively with their company’s marketing team and seek to better understand marketing topics and strategy.

Digital Marketing for Managers workshop allows participants also working in small groups of 4-5 people to make strategic and tactical decisions within a sharp time limit  - this provokes professional discussions, pear-to-pear learning, competitive team spirit and constant results improvement on real time campaigns.

Digital Marketing for Managers workshop is part of Marketing Excellence Master Class.

Digital Marketing for Managers starts in November 2020. The workshop includes a total of five sessions. The training sessions are from 17:00 to 20:30 and will be held in The Business Institute, Sofia, 23A Frederic Joliot-Curie Str.

 If you are interested in the workshop click here or contact us on: +359 88 2924710,

Participant's case based sessions

Sessions: coming soon...

This part is with a specific zoom in practically applied digital tools used on real digital marketing cases. The focus is on the use of digital instruments to improve the results from participants' current digital campaigns using the data-insight-action methodology. Q&A sessions will provoke valuable discussions and will be held by our guest speakers.

The goal is to equip the participants with practical digital-marketing skills that they can apply as soon as they return to their office in order to deal with the dynamics of the today market.

Simulation case based sessions

Sessions: coming soon...

This part  is focused on understanding consumers and their decision-making process, integrating digital and classical areas of the media mix in order to drive business results in a highly competitive environment.

DIGITAL MediaPRO and the case study of the simulation allow participants to test in depth how traditional and digital marketing communications are managed across consumers, regions and media type to drive business results. Тhe participants will learn to match markets to digital strategies to profitably grow their business. They will use social media tools and platforms to design, manage, and optimize social campaigns to promote growth and position their brand in the online marketplace, and they will learn how to get the best consumer insights to drive impact on messages and reach media objectives for various social communities.

In the case study context of the simulation, participants will put the methodologies, tools, and insights they have learned to the test as they will create and evaluate a comprehensive media strategy.

This module is based on the Stratx's online simulation "Digital MediaPro". Take a look at the simulation in this video.


Krassi Eneva

Associated Facilitator in The Business Institute. A digital native by professional experience. Currently Account Manager at Sitecore, and Teaching Assistant on the topic of digital marketing at Sofia University. Over 8 years of experience in digital marketing strategies development, campaign management, and digital implementation projects for famous brands throughout EMEA.

Digital Marketing for Managers starts in November 2020. The workshop includes a total of five sessions. The training sessions are from 17:00 to 20:30 and will be held in The Business Institute, Sofia, 23A Frederic Joliot Curie Str.

Here are the following sessions:

Part Dates
Part 1: Participants' Case Based Sessions coming soon
Part 2: Simulation Case Based Sessions coming soon
Early bird until

BGN 465

Regular price

BGN 520

All prices in this section are without VAT.

The Business Institute has the right to give a discount on the Digital Marketing for Managers workshop fee in case there are 2 or more participants from the same company.